Quarter Hours vs. Semester Hours

Ohio State's conversion to the semester calendar in summer 2012 requires a recalculation of academic records from quarter hours to the semester equivalent.

On April 15, the university started this recalculation, multiplying by .67 the cumulative credit hours each student has attempted and completed under the quarter system. The recalculation of cumulative statistics will not change a student's GPA and will have no impact on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid. Nor will it change a student's class rank, since the threshold numbers for class rank will also change proportionally, once we are under semesters (from 45, 90, and 135, to 30, 60, and 90). Any retroactive changes to the academic record that change hour-based student statistics after April 15 will be recalculated to cumulative semester credit hours, and credits for spring quarter classes will be added to the total once grades are available.

A summary of each student's recalculated statistics will be noted on any Advising Report generated after April 15.  It also will be noted on the official transcript of any student who started under the quarter system and who will continue under the semester system.

Advising Report Example

Semester Stats Recalc

Effective Summer 2012, The University converted its calendar from quarters to semesters. The comparative information below summarizes the academic record at the time of conversion. The minimum hours required for a degree were also proportionally reduced.

QTR CUM:HR = 94.000 PT = 331.300 PH = 3.524 EH = 148.000 DP = 0.000
SEM CUM:HR = 62.980 PT = 221.971 PH = 3.524 EH = 99.160 DP = 0.000

Transcript Example

Summer 2012 the University converted from quarter to semester hours.

The comparison below shows the conversion of your academic record.

******* Comparison of Quarter and Semester Cumulative Data *******

CUM GPA: 3.524 CUM TOTALS: 97.00 148.00 331.300
CUM GPA: 3.524 CUM TOTALS: 64.99 99.16 221.971